O Outro Lado BSidesSP ed 3/Exploracao bizarra de recursos computacionais incomuns em software

De Garoa Hacker Clube
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Palestra Exploracao Bizarra de Recursos Computacionais Incomuns em Software

Horário: 13:10 as 14:00

Duração: 40 minutos (mais 10 minutos para perguntas e respostas)

Local: Associação Cultural Cecília



Rodrigo Rubira Branco (BSDaemon) is the Director of Vulnerability & Malware Research at Qualys. In 2011 he was honored as one of the top contributors to Adobe Vulnerabilities in the past 12 months. Previously, as the Chief Security Research at Check Point he founded the Vulnerability Discovery Team (VDT) and released dozens of vulnerabilities in many important software. Previous to that, he worked as Senior Vulnerability Researcher in COSEINC, as Principal Security Researcher at Scanit and as Staff Software Engineer in the IBM Advanced Linux Response Team (ALRT) also working in the IBM Toolchain (Debugging) Team for PowerPC Architecture. He is a member of the RISE Security Group and is the organizer of Hackers to Hackers Conference (H2HC), the oldest and biggest security research conference in Latin America. He is the maintainer of the StMichael/StJude projects (www.sf.net/projects/stjude), the developer of the SCMorphism (www.kernelhacking.com/rodrigo), and an active contributor to open-source projects (like ebizzy, linux kernel, others). Accepted speaker in lots of security and open-source related events as H2HC, HITB, XCon, VNSecurity, OLS, Defcon, Hackito, Ekoparty, Troopers and others.